Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep you balance, you must keep moving.

~Albert Einstein

We started our activity in the field of cycling in 2014, born from our passion for two wheels, for sport and wellness. We strongly believe that pedalling a bike has only positive benefits to our body, preserves our mental agility and maintains the balance between our body and mind.

We were among the first dealers of the Fat Bikes that conquered many people all around the world and after that in 2016 we added to our products the electric kits for the conversion of bicycles in ebikes.

We follow the ecological trend that cycling with intelligence with an ebike can have a positive  environmental impact and reduce significantly pollution.

The bicycle assisted pedalling or alternative cycling has having more and more success all around the world because any person can face a route that seems difficult with agility and in a funny way.

We are not only selling electric bicycle conversion kits but also spare parts and accessories for ebikes at national level and abroad.

The sale of our products takes place exclusively through our e-commerce site.

Why choose us?

Our mission is:

  • offer quality products, the best on the market in order to choose the right for you
  • help and advise you to choose the most suitable electric kits for your bike;
  • send you quickly the purchased products;
  • keep you always up to date with the state of your order;
  • support you promptly in case of problems with the products;
  • offer you always guarantee for the purchased products and technical assistance.

Please, contact us via email or phone in case you have any question.

We will be entirely at your disposal in order to satisfy any request.

We hope that you will soon become one of our client and you will find the desired products at the right price.

Have a pleasant and safe shopping on our site.

The staff of , Ebikelettrica