We convert the normal bicycles in electric ones, by assembling motor kits from 250 to1000 Watt.


We suggest  BAFANG, TONGSHENG (TSDZ2) motors with which you can easily customize your bikes.


We sell Samsung or Panasonic Lithium- ion cells batteries assembled in Italy of the following types slim battery in luggage, pocket battery, pouch battery, with 2 –year warranty and technical assistance guaranteed.

Why you should convert your bike?

Here you find some advantages for choosing an E-BIKE:

  1. is an ecological vehicle, does not consume petrol, uses very little electricity and is easy to park;
  2. the pedal assisted bicycle is becoming an increasingly innovative and technological means that facilitates the movement;
  3. the pedalling is done effortlessly, without sweating, is only fun and physical and mental well-being;
  4. does not pollute making our environment more liveable, “be green” and choose an e-bike;
  5. you can reach 25 km / h with approved bikes and in off-road,  private places even up to 40-70 km / h;
  6. it is much more fun and easy to drive and explore the world, highly recommended for cycle tourism;
  7. there is no need to pay insurance, taxes and a driving licence is not required
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